January 2016 – Part 2

Hello Everyone

January 2016 – Part 2

Over the past weeks I have been preparing for the Melbourne and Central Victorian Garden and Cultural Tour. Now that we have the brochure prepared I am sending a copy by email. See Attachment 1. You will see that the price is absent. This will be confirmed in February when we have our accommodation finalised.

I am very excited about this tour, having travelled in the area myself last year, and I have full confidence that travellers will enjoy their time spent with the highly knowledgeable and talented Stan Smith, our local guide and Tour Leader. We are most fortunate to have Stan with us, as he has lived inCentral Victoria all of his life, and he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of his “patch”. He has a degree in Fine Art and Sculpture, is at present a Landscape Designer, and tutors in horticulture two days a week in Melbourne. With my organisational skills and experience in tour leading I think we make a great team.
Note that there is only one change of accommodation and there is a wide variety of experiences being offered. If you haven’t already registered interest in this tour, please let me know if you would like to receive a hard copy of the brochure next month when the price is finalised.



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