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May 2022

In Canterbury we have been enjoying a late ‘summer’ with days going to 20°C or more, making it ideal weather for raking autumn leaves, weeding, cutting back the perennials and planting out.

April 2022

We are having the most gorgeous days, with chilly nights, which make the days even more appreciated. Autumn colours are coming in abundance, and leaves are slowly starting to drop. I love the sound of each fig leaf as it touches the concrete courtyard; a quiet mention that something is happening.

March 2022

We have done a lot of planting out over the last month, with more to go. In the new and existing woodland areas, rodgersias, hostas, autumn-flowering cyclamen, daffodils en masse (‘Malvern City’ and Tête à Tête) and Beesia calthifolia are amongst the new selections. The pink garden, the drive woodland garden and the rock garden have all benefitted from additional plantings too.

February 2022

An exciting thing happened last week. One of my plants, Kirengishoma palmata, came in to flower for the first time for me. I’ve had several attempts at growing this plant over the years and I think I had it in conditions that were too dry.

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