November 2020

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November 2020

After some welcome rain, we have been planting this past week. Some of the plantings include Rhododendron ‘Phyllis Korn’, a lilac which was potted up last year as it was doing poorly and is now flourishing, hostas, Buxus microphylla ‘Koreana’ and Beesia calthifolia. This coming week 24 Echinacea purpurea, the coneflower, are going into the pink garden which we have been revamping and the rock garden planting will begin as there is now less likelihood of frosts. Houseleeks and varieties of artemisia will be the first to go in this area.

As there is still time to plant before the summer heat arrives, I thought I would share some photos taken in the garden last November, to illustrate some of our planting combinations.

Photo 1: The rose ‘Blackberry Nip’, bearded irises, Cerinthe major, bright pink lychnis on the left and Buddleia ‘Nanho Blue’ in the top left hand corner. Photo by Margaret Long.

Photo 2: A delightful ground cover, Anagallis monelli, the blue pimpernel, shows very deep blue flowers with fascinating centres when the sun is out. The flowers are much deeper than in the photo. Photo by M Long.

Photo 3: The white lacey flowers of the evergreen Hydrangea petiolaris are complemented by white foxgloves. We shook the seed of the foxgloves last year so that we would have many more this year. The leaves on the left are on one of my favourite small trees, Emmenopterys henryi. Photo by M Long.

Photo 4: I have written about this iris before. It is in flower now with promise of many blooms to comeThere is an interesting article on Iris nelsonii on the website Photo by M Long

Photo 5: Taken just before the hedge trimming starts, olive trees frame this photo with Rosa “Cornelia’ and a rosemary which needs a slight reducing on the left, although I enjoy its twirly shape. Bay trees are at the entrance to the potager with standardised Ilex altaclerensis ‘Hendersonii’ in the centrePhoto by M Long.

Photo 6: The same rose ‘Cornelia’ which grows in clay soil in the gravel garden, is offset by the low growing pale blueish grass, Festuca glauca. Photo by M Long.

In a week’s time we will be planting in the vegetable garden. With the unpredictable weather which we have been experiencing, it has seemed a bit risky to plant earlier. Bearded irises have been flowering towards the back, providing an attractive array of colour.

Many clematis are flowering very well this year and as we have quite a number of varieties there are clematis to enjoy for many months.

I am enjoying having time to spend with our visitors this year. As there aren’t many group bookings compared to other years, there is a slower pace to the garden this month, and many good conversations to be had.

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