Spring 2016

Hello Everyone

Spring 2016

It has been a while since I last wrote. Unfortunately I didn’t have my computer set up to enable me to send a newsletter to you all. Next time!

We had a very pleasant late spring, summer and early autumn in Normandy. With my ideas now formulated as to what I want to do with the garden, the garden has been stripped of its old woody shrubs, some good plants have gone to friends’ gardens, and the scene is set for some planting next year. Local horse manure is helping considerably in the preparation. Photos of the garden devoid of plants will come in the next issue.
I thought it would be more timely now to write about our spring garden here, beginning with a couple of photos of Monet’s garden in Normandy taken at a similar stage of the spring.

Photo 1: One of the well known pathways.
Photo 2: A good example of impressionism has been achieved by the now not so new Head Gardener, I think.

This afternoon I took some photos in our garden, and realised that in one of our areas we have another good example of impressionist planting.

Photo 3: It’s iris week here with many beautiful bearded irises flowering in various parts of the garden, according to their colour.
Photo 4: We have a lovely sweep of these along the apricot/lemon border, with the smoky mauve bud being as attractive as the flower.
Photo 5: Seeing this yellow iris flowering amongst the flowering euphorbia, gave me the idea that this wide bed would look with great with the euphorbias spread out more (not hard to do of course), and many yellow irises added to the mix. This crisp colour combination looks good while the sun is softer.

The newsletter is short on information this month, but sometimes it is good to stop and admire the result of the past year’s work.

Tomorrow I leave for Melbourne and Central Victoria for our tour of gardens, art galleries, historical places, and wildflower hunting, not to mention the wildlife.

I am sending a separate news item about a forthcoming fundraiser for Child Cancer and the Westpac Helicopter Rescue Team. If any people outside of Christchurch would be interested to visit that weekend, it gives you a chance to see some of our local gardens.

Best wishes to you all


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