The Gardener’s Journal

Publishing three times a year, this
journal of articles and photographs caters for readers with a wide
range of interests in the gardening world.

* Gardens and Gardeners
* Plants and Trees
* Landscape and Design
* Garden History
* Travel Experiences

The distinguishing feature of The Gardener’s Journal is that in-depth articles provide so much more information.

For this reason, accomplished writers from both New Zealand and overseas are currently considering topics with freedom.

Printed on high quality paper with photographs and illustrations throughout, the compact A5 size is ideal for all needs.

The Gardener’s Journal will be published in hard copy three times a year; February, June and October.

If you would like to receive further information at no obligation, please register your interest via the contact details below.

– Margaret Long

Annual subscription for three issues including postage:

New Zealand                  $75.00
Australia                          $96.00
Europe, USA and UK $118.50

One issue including postage:

New Zealand                  $25.00
Australia                          $32.00
Europe, USA and UK      $39.50

Please contact the Editor for online payment.

All communications, including subscriptions and letters to the Editor should be sent to:

The Editor
Margaret Long
139 Old Tai Tapu Road
Christchurch 8025
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 3228 061

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Our relaxed country garden started twenty nine years ago. In the early days I had very little gardening experience and no vision for the site, but an interest in plants was quickly developing. Over the years, with much trial and error, a garden has emerged which we and our visitors do enjoy.

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